Joincoin (J) 联合(开采 之) 币

Joincoin  symbol J  One stop to load up Free Cryptocurrency into your Webwallet & to Start using it TODAY!

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For Mobile Users: if you do not have a regular desktop wallet

Get Webwallets below or get Webwallet equivalents  and Joincoin (“account”) addresses can be obtained through exchange sites (listed below):

Joincoin Webwallet

Joincon (J) Faucet

Joincoin Faucet @TradeSatoshi

Joincoin (J) Trading @ NOVAexchange

Joincon (J) Trading @ CryptoDAO

Joincoin (J) Trading @TradeSatoshi


For Miners and Networks:

logo-mainToR Anonymous

All Algorithm mining

Current Specifications:

Coin Name: Joincoin
Exchange symbol: (J)
Total coins: 2,800,000 in 2016 plus 700,800 yearly
Coin distribution: 1,400,000 through mining/ 1,400,000 through Pre-sale
Proof of Work
Block Time: 45 seconds
Block rewardward: 1 J starting December 2016 
Difficulty Adjustment using: Digishield 
Anonymous Blockchain: Provided by ToR (already implemented)

Oficial site: (here)