Joincoin (J) 联合(开采 之)币 Mine the Cryptocurrency or Run our app to Get It Free

Joincoin (J) 联合(开采 之)币 Mine the Coin or Run our app to Get It Free

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BalloonaFide Free 气球狂欢

An Affiliate-intensive Mobile App ( See Announcement & Info Menu )
Join Early, Be a leader and Gain Big

Download the app (aka BonaFideFree)  (Updated in Oct 2021) at the Google Play or App Store.

Early birds will get more share of JPoints through multiple loyalty programs, especially and mostly from the Every Doubling-of-Number-of-Users Landmark Gigantic JPoint Airdrop. Other rewards ( from the jogging, referral, Lotto and Raffle winning, or being at the Tops of Jog-and-Refer or CryptoSaga contests) will help users to get enough reward points sooner for redemption and payout, especially when more X will be rewarded for a limited-time only. Please read on.

Joincon_Lotto, Coin(O)_Raffle or Redemption of JPoints to Joincoins, can be converted to Bitcoins (only when there is no exchange trading Joincoin or Coin(O).) In the near future, all 3 of the above can be converted and cashed out but only to the registered email address through Paypal; however, prior app updates, you can still send the requests through app FEEDBACK button, within 3 days or before server routine activities are completed and final. Please note that the app is offered AS IS.

We have a couple of in-app Google ads. Don’t click or view it If you are not interested. If you feel annoyed just “X”-out or “CLOSE” it ASAP and move on. These extra incomes will be added to the redemption pool.

How valuable is it when you redeem your JPoints? Hey, you never know.

Another good news is that for a limited time only, the minimum for JPoint Redemption will be kept low only requiring 8000 JPoints for first users to get an early start and the first user will be given 20X of the reward, the next 2 users 19X, the next 3 users 18X, the next 4 user 17X and the next 5 users 16X. See the Announcement & Menu Link above for further details this type of incentive. The offers will be updated and phased out every 10 days or less.

Please do the above taking into the consideration that a user account cannot do the next JPoint redemption or JPoint transfer until 30 days are over.

It is Bona Fide Free and we keep ourselves Down to Earth. No purchase is necessary and you spend nothing to join.

Use any available username to register (and you can remain anonymous and do not need to use your real name.) Keep the username short (and single word, if possible,) for your friends to easily post your username right for you to get the referral credits.

Your privacy and account safety are as good as your email account and our server at the Amazon Web services are.

You need to keep your account active by at least login (and jog and get at least 100 rewarded steps for the day) every 10 days; otherwise, your JPoint balance will be deleted; after 20 days, your account will be deleted. This process will be automatic, without the need for any user to make account cancellation request, taking into consideration of the fact of usually limited lifespan of mobile phones, keeping the users more or less engaged and having the true counts of really active users, as well as cutting adm costs by not requiring additional contacts to do the job. You will be email-notified one day ahead before losing you JPoint balance or your account.

BalloonaFide (free) app: Jogging app with jogging music , play free lotto, Raffles and more, and get cryptos (CNO or J, and more.)
Be smart * Be free * Promotional-Educational
The shortcut and right way to keep and use cryptos
for every smart- phone & wearable user.


For Mobile Users: if you do not have a regular desktop wallet

 Joincoin wallet addresses can be obtained by using Paper Wallet Address Generator in-app or online

For Miners and Networks:

logo-mainToR Anonymous

All Algorithm mining

Current Specifications:

Coin Name: Joincoin
Exchange symbol: (J)
Total coins: 2,800,000 in 2016 plus 700,800 yearly
Coin distribution: 1,400,000 through mining/ 1,400,000 through Pre-sale
Proof of Work
Block Time: 45 seconds
Block rewardward: 1 J starting December 2016 
Difficulty Adjustment using: Digishield 
Anonymous Blockchain: Provided by ToR (already implemented)

Oficial site: (here)

A Cryptocurrency For Everyone 每个人的